16 March 2010

Alexandros Vasmoulakis in L.A.

With the sarcastic title "is everybody happy?" the viewer is invited in a satirical play of chaos having the female figures as the central characters. Alexandros Vasmoulakis uses fragments from advertized models as a fundamental source in order to dismantle the "ideal" image of refinement. The collage-like women stare insistently towards the spectator, carrying these uncanny shiny smiles that express derision and irony in conjunction with confusion and anxiety. A jumble of narratives is created out of ink and acrylic, which brings into surface the relationship between the female nude and the male gaze. 

The first solo exhibition of Alexandros Vasmoulakis in the U.S, is presented at the Lebasse Projects, on Saturday the 20th of March 2010.
(text: Elli Paxinou)

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