31 July 2011

move on?

., originally uploaded by 3-rsj.
Sinavil has been inactive for a long time. One reason was that the last few months were full of changes as I moved to London and I almost had no free time. On the other hand I find blogger quite unfriendly so I have decided to stop this blog and give it a go somewhere else, with the same name...

So, this will be the last post at blogger. It is a wonderful photo by Robert Johnson.

26 March 2011


foss, originally uploaded by Aber es war..
Somewhere in Iceland Aber es war took this amazing shot.


Untitled, originally uploaded by JOLIE MA.
Photo by JOLIE MA from Miami.

21 July 2010

Pure Summer II

Another cool summer pic. By Bobby Doherty from Brooklyn.

Pure Summer

A nice picture from Chlödia from Portugal!

4 July 2010


Photo by Ren Hang.

New start

Zachary Ayotte is an image maker currently
living and working in Edmonton, Alberta.

9 May 2010

Sometimes we all need a little luck

A sign in Northeast Minneapolis, photographed by Sean Tubridy.

8 May 2010

Public market

Sign in Seattle, 2009. Photo by Kevin Balluff.
Kevin spends his free time sitting in traffic: "It's sport to me. With nowhere to go, I'll prowl the concrete arteries of the city, counting women doing their makeup in the rearview, men eating an artery-buster burger, kids throwing a tantrum in the backseat like chimpanzees in a shitfight. Ahh, I love Los Angeles."

Tom Chudley

Photo by Tom Chudley.

22 April 2010

Trapped in Suburbia

Beautiful happy posters for beautiful happy festival, designed by Trapped in Suburbia, a design studio based in the Netherlands.

Dazed Revolter

Poster by Dazed Revolter from Berlin.

21 April 2010

Cut and Paste

Illustration by George Tzavaras, a friend of mine and a great illustrator! This is his blog.

12 April 2010

I'm in love with your brother

Illustration by Lihie Jacob from Israel.

Elżbieta Chojna

Elżbieta Chojna is a great graphic designer from Warsaw.

11 April 2010

Brasil em cartaz

Rico Lins is one of the most important Brazilian graphic designers. As I read in wikipedia "Designer, art director, illustrator and educator, Rico Lins has accumulated an extensive curriculum of professional and didactic activities in expressive institutions and companies both in Brazil and abroad". His site is under construction but you can see his studio work on flickr.

30 March 2010

29 March 2010

Anthony Cudahy

Anthony Cudahy is a communications design student with a focus on illustration at Pratt Institute. His website, his flickr.

28 March 2010

Human Behaviour

Jenny Mörtsell grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and as a kid filled drawing pad after drawing pad with mostly horses, boys and shoes. Following high school she studied printmaking art, then graphic design and illustration taking a Masters degree in fine arts from Konstfack University in 2004. Since then Jenny has been balancing a busy roster of U.S. and European clients who have come to adore the style of her signature pencil drawings.

Jenny's artwork can be seen in such publications as The New York Times Magazine, NYLON, Elle, Bon, Cover and Lula. She is currently based in New York.

This is her website but you can see her work here.