13 November 2009


"The parade of the Poles on 5th Avenue. The school band on 6th. The Sunday bazaar in front of Grand Central. Countless patrol cars, police officers, ‘yellow’ cabs and American flags (I think I stopped counting from the first day). Employees, homeless people, tourists and ‘fabulous’ ladies in front of expensive shops. Reporters and panic in Wall Street and a huge flag trying to ‘hold’ and prevent the ‘collapse’ of an entire edifice. The clamour on Times Square and the silence on Top of the Rock. The beautiful Subway and street signs. The old water reservoirs at the rooftops in Brooklyn. Manhattan seen from Tzina’s apartment in Queens and the feeling of living on the 20th floor of a building. myN.Y. is a small book of impressions from New York. A reminder assembled out of photographs. Out of instinctively captured images of one’s ‘return’ to a city so alien and strange that in the end it seems familiar."
MyN.Y. by George Triantafyllakos and Cannot Not Design publications.

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