27 October 2009


Dimitris Papaioannou has achieved something really special. He managed to bring a really broad audience into Greek contemporary dance. He has a long cv that includes successful productions such as Medea (1993), Dracula (1997) and Human Thirst (1999) that established him as the main figure in the Greek dance world, but it was in 2004 when he became a sort of a national hero when he directed the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Athens Olympic Games. Since then he presented the sold-out productions 2 (2006) and Medea-2 (2008). "Nowhere" is Papaioannou's new work at the National Theatre of Greece.

"Nowhere is a work about the physical space of the theatrical stage. Constantly changing and defined by the men and women that inhabit it, it can be countless different places while designed to be nowhere at all.
For the inaugural production of the new Ziller Building (National Theatre of Greece in Athens), Dimitris Papaioannou has enlisted the help of Coti K., Zafos Xagoraris, Alekos Giannaros and Thanos Papastergiou to create a work that exploits the new equipment of the Main Stage by stripping it bare. Twenty-six performers measure the space - and measure themselves against its capabilities – in a specially designed work that can be performed nowhere else."

Unfortunately Dimitris Papaioannou website is made in flash. That makes it stylish but not so easy to use...

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