30 September 2009

Oh, so that explains the difference in our salaries!

"Oh, so that explains the difference in our salaries!" Artist unknown, circa 1980.

Poster from the book "Agitate! Educate! Organize! American Labor Posters" by Lincoln Cushing and Timothy W. Drescher (Cornell University Press). The book spans the history of the labor movement in the U.S. Its 216 pages include 268 posters with accompanying text that provides interpretation and context.

Read more about the book at the Design Observer.
(Thanks to Nikos Tsoutis for the link!)


  1. Thanks for the plug on our book! Although, as I expected, it's getting much more attention outside the United States than inside. But labor is universal. These are just one slice of the political poster world that I'm writing about - see more at my Docs Populi (Documents for the Public) site.

  2. posterboy, thanks for passing by!
    Docs Populi is a very interesting site!

    Here's the link for the ones who want to see more: