28 June 2009

American Summer

American Summer is a project by three photographers (Jackson Eeaton, Robert Johnson and Benjamin Acree). They are meeting in New York this July and they are going to travel across USA.

"We plan on hitting rodeos, casinos, mega churches, basement noise shows, reservations, national parks, and anywhere else we feel we can get a unique view of the rapidly changing state of the nation. [...] We will be constantly shooting, and hope to make a book about our trip and what we find. The photographs will be published as a group effort, equal parts artistic collaboration, reportage, and travel document."

This project is a self initiated / independent project and the photographers are asking for our (financial) help. If you want to help them you can visit this page. You can send them any amount from 5$. Of course, the more you send the more you will receive (a Polaroid, the book, a print).

The photo shown here is by Jackson Eaton, from an older project.

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